PT. Panca Inti Bermitra

PT. PANCA INTI BERMITRA was established in 2014, as a company engaged in the distribution of audio systems. PT. PANCA INTI BERMITRA or abbreviated with PT. PIB.

Widely Knowledge Team
Most of our engineers and technicians have decades of experience and already certified in this industry. Have the ability to design, install and implement an audio system.

Last Development Of Technology
PT. PANCA INTI BERMITRA is a company engaged in distribution and will provide Support & Service to clients in the form of consulting and handling projects where we move in accordance with Indonesian and International National Standards, so that we can meet your expectations.

We always complement the latest technology to predict, analyze and take measurements so we believe we are working properly and clients can get the right results.

Quality Control
We carry out periodic checks of the markets and products that we offer or has been installed to you, this is done in order to make improvements and continuous development so that we can meet market demand.

Integrated Experience
Our team consists of various scientific disciplines ranging from audio engineer, electrical & mechanical and civil to support projects with various scales with prioritizing solid team work.

Our Vision

  • Contribute to the nation's economic growth by becoming a specialist and a leading center for international standard pro audio service providers.

Our Mission

  • Being an audio system provider company that is calculated nationally and internationally.

  • Synergize with factories and brand holders in an effort to improve audio system services.

  • Advancing together for the sake of improving the standard of living and welfare of the big family of Panca Inti Bermitra.

  • Maintaining a good and growing company reputation.

  • Increase the value of the company by forming human resources that have high integrity and commitment.

  • Expanding the sales network and establishing useful working relationships.

  • Develop facilities that prioritize service quality.

Our Services

• Measurement.
• Simulation, modeling and analysis.
• Documents

• Support events with reliable experts.
• Ensure after-sales service for damaged goods.
• Audio system training, both from basic to high level.
• Parts.
• Service technician.
• Project support.